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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Steps of Cellulite

The Process Steps of Cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas Typically, the adipose tissue is richly irrigated fat cells are normal size and shape. The vessels are efficient and have a normal manner. There is edema and thermography is normal.

 CELLULITE I: There is an increased volume of adipose tissue cells in the affected area, caused by accumulation of fat within the cell. No change or circulatory tissue, only a slight dilatation of small veins of fat tissue. There are no visible signs on the skin and painless. Thermal imaging may appear in the editing called "machete", which represents a temperature increase caused by swelling and hyper permeability of the blood capillaries. At this stage, the main process is to deal with exercise and eating habits. There is no need for medical treatment, although the clinical evaluation and guidance on the relevant necessary to diagnose the exact degree of cellulite. Recovery in this case is full.

 CELLULITE II: The fat cells are filled with a little fat, while remaining in the deepest part begins to undergo the same process. There is already some degree of fibrosis that micro nodules worst starts to form in the next step. The increase in the cell volume causes changes lead to compression of the circulatory and lymphatic system. The blood and lymph (aqueous fluid that bathes the cells) are contained. Occurs, then an increased swelling of fat cells and toxic waste, rather than being eliminated begins to accumulate with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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