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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Causes of Cellulite

Causes of Cellulite of Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas There are many claims about the causes of cellulite. The net is full of rumors and stories of women reporting the issue. Some of the most common causes of cellulite are called, poor circulation, fluid retention, a special type of fat, etc

There are a number of markets of products for the treatment of cellulite, but are generally ineffective. In fact, cellulites can be caused by several factors Most anti-cellulite products out there do nothing to reduce and are intended to cover only the symptoms. In order to eliminate cellulite, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem. The causes, however, are not what most people think.

The truth is that cellulite is like any other fat. There is a special type of fat storage, retention of excess water, poor circulation, or anything else. It has been proved by doctors that cellulite is exactly the same as normal body fat. The appearance of holes due to curd is projecting from fat tissue under the skin, causing accumulation lumps and openings, such as a mattress filling which gives an appearance of orange peel skin in general. It is more common in seats, hips and buttocks of women. 

The older, more likely to have cellulite Cellulite is commonly found in men because they have a thicker skin and tend to store fat in the stomach, instead of storing the lower part of the body. The skin of buttocks and hips is thinner than most other places in the body so that more visible cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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Genetics and Cellulite

Genetics and Cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas It is true that genetics influences the firmness and shape of the buttocks, but do not have this type of inheritance has a great ally in the exercise. 

The scientific research showed that the best exercises to strengthen the buttocks are the classic up and down stairs, extension and flexion of the legs in position four and squat, which mimics the act of sitting and rising from a chair. 

Who is beginner should start without much load to avoid injury and not let the aching body. After the adjustment period, which lasts about a month, you can add weight gradually. An easy way to find the correct weight is to test with eight replications. You have to feel that you are making an effort, especially in the last two times, and could not repeat again.

 Professionals commented that for best results, the movements are indicated race, giving attention to posture, not to hurt your knees, hips and spine, and not working your ass every day. " So he encourages exercise, your muscles need about 48 hours, or 72 if the training is very difficult to be able to recover and grow," they explain. Muscle appears to work, it is necessary to reduce the layer of fat covering.

 This is the fact that gives the rounding up, but if too much, leaving it full of cellulite Hence the recommendation of a balanced diet, low in fat and sugar and an aerobic activity at least half an hour a day, three times a week with Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas

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Formation of Cellulite

The Formation Process of Cellulite with Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas Initially, the process of cellulite formation lipoid should be understood is that the fat cell which has small vacuoles in the cells to lubricate.

 These vacuoles are responsible for receiving excess dietary fat. With the progressive increase in the deposition of fat vacuoles is close together and subsequently adding then to generate a large vacuole occupying almost the entire cell. With the deposition of fat, an increase in size of the entire cell the fat under the skin is formed by a large number of lymphocytes.

 Vessels pass between lymphocytes and arteries that carry blood, oxygen and nutrients, and the veins and lymphatic vessels that carry blood and metabolism products back into circulation in a continuous process. The amount of fat cells is different in persons with tendency to be overweight, that neon’s and less prone to obesity. The fat in the muscle fibers are also separated groups of lymphocytes. It is due to fiber characteristics that men and women develop very little cellulite. In women, the fibers are thin and perpendicular to the skin, which connects the deep muscle tissue. In humans, thicker fibers are connected to muscles and obliquely.

 When the size of fat tissue in the woman is increased due to the accumulation of fat, skin tissue expands, and when the same is true in humans, the fibers resist expansion in the same direction, causing the fat tissue in the direction but deep not shown, so that irregularities appear cellulite. Increased adipose tissue compresses the veins and lymphatic’s forming edema (swelling), which increases the volume of tissue and accelerates the process of cellulite of Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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Cellulite and the Swelling

The disordered swelling of fat cells is emphasized. The hardening of the supporting tissue (fibrosis) and venous circulation is very committed with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas At this stage, cellulite is hard and the skin is "brilliant", full of depressions and padded aspect.

 The legs are heavy, swollen, sore and tired feeling is often present, even effortlessly. In a thermographs has been described above, however, are not "black" or "black holes" which are regions of reduced circulation, representing a coalition of several micro and macro in the presence of significant fibrosis.

 At this stage, ultrasound therapy and lymphatic drainage electro biolysis is slow, even so, you can expect a partial improvement. Over time, it may be necessary to combine surgery with Submission and lip sculpture, especially if the fat is well established and depressions located in adipose tissue.

 With this information it is clear that the sooner started the better the outcome of treatment of cellulite Thermograph is important in determining the degree of cellulite and treatment plan, and provides a prediction of the outcome. In all cases, treatments, but softer than the recovery is complete, whereas at higher levels, the result is biased But even in these cases of advanced degrees, it is important to treat, because they may still occur without attention to deteriorate further. But it is important to know in advance, to avoid future frustrations, which, in severe cases, the result is efficient, but not total.

 Remember that each person is different, with different presentations of cellulite, for a proper evaluation should be the beginning of any good treatment with Truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas

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Exercise and eating habits

In the skin, it is possible to observe irregularities and pain on palpation says Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas Thermo graph, the aspect "machete" is the most characteristic showing edema and blood stasis, as evidenced by areas of increased temperature.

In this treatment stage is now necessary to use, ultrasound electro biolysis and lymphatic drainage, as well as exercise and eating habits. The results are very good that you know, you can expect recovery.

CELLULITE III: The cells continue to increase in volume due to the continuous acquisition of fat. There is an interruption of the fabric and the occurrence of nodules, although deeper is seen as irregularities in the skin surface, with or without palpation.

 Fibrosis is started, which means that the hardening of the tissue (where the fibers) and circulation is most affected vessels and may occur and spider veins. At this stage, the skin has the appearance of "orange peel" creates a feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue. Remember that cellulite is basically a circulatory problem, and at this stage, the circulation in adipose tissue is already compromised.

 In thermographs is the aspect of "Pele dig Leopard" is the presence of numerous points of thermograph, showing the tissue disorganization, with temperatures in the presence of edema and venous stasis. The treatment is performed in the same way as stage II, but needs more sessions, and good recovery, but not total. There is a significant improvement, but you cannot expect complete elimination of the problem with the help of Truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas

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Steps of Cellulite

The Process Steps of Cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas Typically, the adipose tissue is richly irrigated fat cells are normal size and shape. The vessels are efficient and have a normal manner. There is edema and thermography is normal.

 CELLULITE I: There is an increased volume of adipose tissue cells in the affected area, caused by accumulation of fat within the cell. No change or circulatory tissue, only a slight dilatation of small veins of fat tissue. There are no visible signs on the skin and painless. Thermal imaging may appear in the editing called "machete", which represents a temperature increase caused by swelling and hyper permeability of the blood capillaries. At this stage, the main process is to deal with exercise and eating habits. There is no need for medical treatment, although the clinical evaluation and guidance on the relevant necessary to diagnose the exact degree of cellulite. Recovery in this case is full.

 CELLULITE II: The fat cells are filled with a little fat, while remaining in the deepest part begins to undergo the same process. There is already some degree of fibrosis that micro nodules worst starts to form in the next step. The increase in the cell volume causes changes lead to compression of the circulatory and lymphatic system. The blood and lymph (aqueous fluid that bathes the cells) are contained. Occurs, then an increased swelling of fat cells and toxic waste, rather than being eliminated begins to accumulate with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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Prescription medication

Needs no prescription and can be taken by the whole family with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas The results obtained thanks to him are due to various physiological effects that give rise. Thus, allows the reduction of the retention of the water contained in the body and, in many cases favors cellulite. It also allows the conversion of fat accumulated in the storage areas natural (as we have seen) in energy, very important for the reduction and elimination of cellulite.

Finally, it allows you to cleanse your body, eliminating thanks to its draining action, the toxins from your body . An advantage also lies in the fact that the team Adela Fit all be available through their blue line or email to answer any and all questions that perhaps you may wish to put. Lose weight KG 1 a day, not believed? We advise you to check for more information, the site via the internet by clicking here. The most important thing is to stay slim without dieting! - Hormonal factors: for example we can give it the means of contraception . Some contraceptive pills have indeed tended to aggravate cellulite.

It is advisable in these cases, ask your doctor to retrofit their treatment if cellulite has worsened after a change of pills for example. - Factors related to circulation problems : venous insufficiency with varicose veins and varicose veins a limp headman ( lymph retention in the legs ) , edema ( water retention in the legs and thighs ) among other things can be factors that aggravate cellulite . It should, in these cases , consult your doctor and be monitored by him with Truth about cellulite info by Joey Atlas

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Getting rid of cellulite is not as easy

Get rid of cellulite is not easy, but modern SPA-salons already had some success in dealing with it. And today, any expert will confirm that the most effective method is to lymphatic drainage. One of the most popular methods of lymphatic drainage are considered pulse and pressure therapy - special techniques that combine periods of local pressure and under pressure.

The result is obvious: improved selective permeability of the capillaries, and vascular tone. Accordingly, increases metabolism and significantly improves blood flow to the muscles of the body. Subsequently, this effect will fix cellulite massage. Some patients mistakenly believe if lymphatic drainage is able to save them from the hated cellulite, but actually lymphatic drainage is only the first step in removing the "orange peel". Deciding to get rid of cellulite, get ready for what will be the lymphatic drainage after more pronounced macro-and should not be afraid, because the contouring of nodes is due to the removal of excess fluid from the body. In short, now is the turn to get rid of knots with lipolysis. Pressure therapy as a method of struggling against cellulite -

The fight against cellulite is the uncompromising fight, which today is almost one in two women. The emergence of the so-called "orange peel" triggered by different reasons and it is not in excess - a girl with perfect proportions on the thighs, legs or abdomen often "flaunts" unpresentable cellulite.

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first step towards getting rid of cellulite

The first step towards getting rid of cellulite - Sedentary office work, plus smoking, late dinner and the lack of sporting loads - what else is needed for the appearance of cellulite?

 Get rid of the hated "orange peel" is not easy, but modern spa-salons already achieved some success in the fight against cellulite. For example, depending on your age and skin condition selected individual therapeutic programs. Any expert will confirm that the most effective cellulite treatment is practically powerless without lymphatic drainage - a kind of "foundation" for deep cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and other waste products of cells.

Typically, the procedure involves the use of large lymphatic drainage of water without gas or unsweetened juices: the more fluid we use, the more easily eliminated from the body toxins. At the same lymphatic drainage evenly distributes liquid, promotes its partial removal and unloads the most problematic areas. After the procedure, the contours of your body noticeably changed.

The main objective lymph drainage procedures are to enhance the lymphatic vessels with vacuum massage, impulsive barotherapy or microcurrent therapy. Speaking specifically about microcurrent therapy, then, thanks to her, improving the inflow and outflow of blood, as well as the work of the ureters and bowels strengthen the metabolism and increase the flow of fluid exchange helps lymphatic drainage vacuum.

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can reduce the appearance of cellulite

You can reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing the daily intake of fluids. It is not true. Sweet drinks, strong tea and coffee, even in large quantities does not contribute to the improvement of the body, while the clean water or green tea without sugar to help get rid of toxins and impurities. However, even healthy foods can be damaged if it is to eat them in excess. Excess fluid can trigger seizures in people with kidney problems or heart.

Proper diet eliminates cellulite - Another misconception. A balanced diet is beneficial to all, but it has no effect on the prevention of cellulite. It is easy to prove, since the "orange peel" appears not only in obese women, but also slender young girls. Remove cellulite by using liposuction. - The assertion is not true, as with liposuction can get rid of fat deposits only.

This painful procedure is carried out, if you cannot get rid of excess fat in another way. Liposuction does not affect the condition of the skin. Cellulite - is a purely "female" problem - Incorrect statement. Numerous studies prove otherwise. Problem skin makes life not only the fair sex, but a lot of men. Of course, most men are spared from this problem due to their different from women's, physiology. However, some of the stronger sex, suffering from low levels of the hormone androgen, knows firsthand what cellulite is.

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How to comprehensively deal with cellulite problem

Particularly insistent ladies even clothed in special anti-cellulite underwear, despite the fact that it does not guarantee the achievement of a positive result. In such cases, experts recommend to deal with the problem in comprehensive and regularly visiting spas.

The complex combat cellulite includes proper diet, regular exercise, and the use of special creams. Also, a good effect is anti-cellulite massage problem areas. Such a massage is different from the classic more active rubbing and kneading the skin, thereby dramatically increasing the flow of blood. Subcutaneous fat tissue under the influence of massage loses the excess fat and skin becomes supple and taut. Equally eye-catching result is possible only after a regular and quite painful massage and spa treatments. But the result is worth all the agony! By the way, the infamous cellulite has led to the emergence of myths about the speedy and unhindered healing of the ill-fated "orange peel".

Here are some of them: The best remedy for cellulite - active sport - Not entirely true. Of course, exercise helps keep the woman tightened figure. Regular exercise improves blood circulation, and promote normal metabolism. However, even professional athletes may appear ill-fated "orange peel". The complex combat cellulite includes proper diet, regular exercise, and the use of special creams and, in addition, anti-cellulite massage problem areas through which dramatically increases the flow of blood, subcutaneous fatty tissues lose the excess fat and skin becomes supple and taut.

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Alternative to mesotherapy anti-cellulite program

An alternative to mesotherapy anti-cellulite is muscle toning. For efficiency, the result is best done it in a complex anti-cellulite program. The essence of the procedure is the impact of the electric current on certain muscle groups. After getting acquainted with the problem and complete the survey technician uses electrodes, placing them in a specific pattern on the active points of the muscles.

By exposure to electrical discharges achieved a more intense reduction in the treated muscle. Such procedures shall be appointed for the final stage of anti-cellulite program and are usually in a day, for 20-30 minutes. With the help of electric current, ultrasound and vacuum produce lipolysis.

This procedure should be carried out in conjunction with lymphatic drainage, subject to the drinking regime. Lipolysis procedure can take place once a week. Electrolysis is affected by the fat part, destroying it with an electrical current. The fat cells break down easily and are removed from the body.

Myths about cellulite - Relatively recently, the phrase "orange peel" was a completely innocent meaning. Now, hearing these words, any woman covered with a cold sweat of fear that she has cellulite, which affects primarily those areas of the skin that many women willingly flaunt. Which means not only used in the fight against this scourge! Trying to get rid of cellulite, women wear themselves a strict diet and physical activity.

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Selection of medicines is experienced individually

Selection of medicines is experienced individually, taking into account all the characteristics of your body. Of course, visiting one session of mesotherapy, you cannot get rid of the problem. The course of treatment should be 10-12 sessions, and then you will surely feel the result.

Medicinal drugs are administered under the skin in the form of cocktails that a harmful effect on adipose tissue reduces skin tension, thereby eliminating the body of cellulite. Drugs improve the blood circulation in tissues and normalize lipid balance.

Microinjection procedure is quick and virtually painless. During one session, introduced 10-20 cubes of the drug.

The drug continues to be effective in tissue for 5-7 days.

The fight against the "orange peel" - a long and difficult process that requires a lot of effort, and Plait lymphatic drainage treatments in the spa complex will come to the aid of mesotherapy, myostimulation and lipolysis. I must say that mesotherapy sessions have a number of contraindications.

This is due to the fact that in the medicines is quite active substances which may cause allergic reactions. In addition, increased choleretic effect of some drugs can adversely affect the health of people suffering from gall stone diseases.

Therefore, it is important to get a doctor's permission. After a session of mesotherapy skin may appear minor redness, irritation, soreness. However, typical symptoms of any type of intervention associated with subcutaneous manipulations.

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Frequent use of LPG is addictive

Frequent use of LPG is addictive, a person forgets about the sport, diet, begins to be lazy and "corrode", which is totally wrong. Restrain yourself to food - be sure and visit sports and bathing facilities - is the key to health, which is not one LPG-unit, will not give!

 Disadvantages LPG-massage LPG massage is contraindicated in people with diseases of the skin, veins, people with cancer, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. After the procedure should constantly keep the body in a form that is forever forget about diet and physical exercise you will fail. Price procedure - impressive.

So, today LPG massage in St. Petersburg will cost 1,000 rubles, or course can cost about 20,000 rubles, respectively. Mesotherapy, muscle toning and lipolysis - spa treatments to fight cellulite The fight against the "orange peel" - a long and difficult process that requires a lot of effort, the first step to get rid of cellulite - lymphatic drainage, after the treatment of lymphatic drainage in the spa complex offers mesotherapy, myostimulation and lipolysis. Method of subcutaneous administration of therapeutic agents called mesotherapy. Its distinguishing feature is that the procedure is carried out ultra-thin needles that do not leave marks on the skin that are injected to a depth of 3-4 mm. Mesotherapy involves two main areas: preventive and therapeutic homeopathic and directly, that is medical.

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Benefits of LPG-technique

Repeat the procedure should be 2 times a week, but what the effect of this massage lasts for years. So if you are planning for holidays in May to take off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea or ocean, to begin to straighten the body must have from the beginning of March, if not from the end of February.

Benefits of LPG-technique Painless - During the procedure, the patient feels a pleasant surge, massaging motion, relaxes and calms down integrated removal of excess weight and related problems.

LPG body massage is good because it helps not only the elimination of extra inches, but in parallel can fight sagging skin, cellulite and stretch marks. From the point of view of economy and finance of time - it is really tempting offer. For example, stretch marks after giving birth can be quickly removed - 10-20 procedures they will not be visible.

Excretion of harmful substances from the body - Apart from treating obesity and skin, LPG-method successfully removes from the human body of toxins, toxins, improves blood circulation and metabolism. The procedure can be used at any age. Today resorted to LPG as young girls and mature ladies who want to refresh the skin, eliminate excess fat, eliminate stretch marks and orange peel but there should be what is called a "turn on the mind."

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The mechanical action of rollers

The mechanical action of rollers combined with the pulsating vacuum is actively working on the body; between the rollers is a suction chamber which generates a pulsating vacuum. As a result, the procedures systematically produced, fabric moving to a new metabolic rate when increasing the burning of fat. The main problems that solves LPG-massage:

• fat deposits in all areas of the body;

• wrinkles and sagging skin;

 • cellulite;

• stretch marks;

• Scarring, swelling.

 Quite often in the offices of LPG-massage treated patients, whose figure - almost perfect, but there is absolutely no major weaknesses, which, alas, cannot be removed sports or want to resolve this issue quickly. For example, a small pouch in the abdomen in women after childbirth, which is not easily undone, shaking press even 24 hours a day, sagging skin on the hands of mature ladies and streamers in women. LPG-massage - not a cure! Forget about diets and sports forever you will still fail.

Apparatus for carrying out the procedures are constantly being improved and manufactured by different companies. The most authoritative in this respect, is a French company LPG, whose products are distributed in Europe and in Russia as well. The average duration of a massage treatment is about 35-40 minutes. See the results after the first session is unrealistic - at least, talk about it experts in this field. In order to achieve visible results, a course of 15-20 sessions.

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Why the Health and Beauty is not standing still

Health and Beauty is not standing still, innovative technologies are rapidly broke into our ordinary life. Through the development of these areas and in the presence of certain financial benefits, you can slow down the natural aging process, to regain her slender figure, youth and attractiveness.

One of the latest innovations in this area - LPG massage call this procedure "massage for lazy" which, though not as radical as the same liposuction (fat surgically evacuated), for example, but the results can please her the most important that you have an LPG - in our independent review! What are three cherished letters LPG? How to tell the fans of this procedure, with her appearance did not need to spend a lot of time and energy to exercise and diet.

This technique allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate sagging skin (after a dramatic weight loss), the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The procedure is painless, not to say that pleasant - it's not complicated liposuction, which equates to a major surgery with general anesthesia and all its moments. Here, everything is easier, safer, and more pleasant.

The patient is put on a special suit for LPG massage that supports vacuum supply with it, wrinkled skin of different depths, which is handled by clear lines rollers massage device. Sam massage increases blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, due to lymphatic drainage of fluid out of the body faster and toxins.

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Regularly consuming chocolate

Regularly consuming chocolate, we are simultaneously present in the order of the heart rate and strengthen blood vessels. By the way, the German sexologists recommend that men refuse to Viagra in favor of chocolate, which effectively improves potency.

Judge: Casanova never gave up chocolate, including its causative agent of erotic sensations, and modern scientists were able to prove the "sexuality" of chocolate on a biochemical level. Another historical example is the Aztec ruler Montezuma, who before visiting his harem sure to drink at least liters of hot chocolate.

Before visiting the chocolate wrapping session in the spa complex is recommend to eat a chocolate bar, so that during the two-hour procedure you will not be run because of the tempting smell of salivating compared with black cosmetic or chocolate milk chocolate not inherent flavor. Yes and why they are needed, when the body requires only useful substances.

Chocolate mass anti-cellulite body wraps, body wraps for sensitive skin and chocolate mask - depending on the spa treatments corresponding to the selected chocolate mass. For example, for anti-cellulite body wraps use a mixture of chocolate powder, cocoa beans, seaweed and cocoa butter. Cellulite treatment also includes coffee, and chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate masks, then they use lanolin and lecithin powder, cocoa beans, and wheat germ oil, chocolate mass for sensitive skin often contain oil chestnut extract and shea butter.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

The application of coffee scrubs and honey

Honey is very rich in minerals and vitamins, and when combined with grains of coffee he just transforms the skin, making it silky and smooth. Honey allows massage, exfoliation and coffee all at the same time. To make this honey-coffee scrub you will need liquid honey (can be sugar-coated, but melted in a water bath) and 50 grams of dry coffee grounds or ground coffee. Certain rules no coffee, it has to be as much "take" honey.

If desired then you can enhance the effect by using oils of juniper, it is enough a couple of drops. Rub the prepared scrub; you need at least 10 minutes. If, after pressing, rubbing into place, you will feel the pain, it means that the coffee scrub fulfilled its purpose - increased blood circulation.

Therefore, you are close to the goal and soon your fat stores will gradually disappear, and cellulite will be not so noticeable. Little guidance on the application of coffee scrubs - To protect the skin buy only what coffee, in which small grains. If you belong to a sensitive skin type, it is best to use the scarab coffee grounds, it is also ideal for dry skin type. In that case, if you do not cook or consume coffee, then pour boiling water over a quarter cup of ground coffee and leave for a while, until the swelling.

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Relying on the opinion polls can be accurate

The effect is obvious of Joey Atlas Program - Relying on the opinion polls can be accurate to say that women, who are constantly using scrub of coffee grounds, greatly improved the condition of the skin. Leather, after such procedures, it becomes very soft and smooth, and reduced body fat.

Just do not forget that a positive result can be achieved only if you combine coffee peeling procedure with moderate exercise, and reconsider your diet.

And the only way you will get an almost perfect body and skin. Coffee scrub for cellulite, you can make conditions at home from natural product (ground coffee beans). Instant, for this purpose, it is not suitable. After all, coffee grounds and is a valuable "remnant", which will compete with the orange peel, and effectively grind the top layer of the epidermis.

Recipe popular coffee scrub with mummy - You will need 1-2 tablets mummy that need to be dissolved in hot water, about 50 ml, then gradually introduce ground coffee. You should get a mix of medium consistency.

This coffee scrub can be used no more than twice in seven days. Attention! If you have skin rashes, wounds or spider veins, the use of this recipe is not recommended, so as not to exacerbate existing problems. Coffee Scrub with Honey - The very combination of words honey and coffee something sweet and fragrant.''

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Coffee scrub for cellulite

You decide to take your figure, not quite pull the elastic skin? And so you arrive in active search of cosmetics that can burn subcutaneous fat? Unfortunately, not everyone knows that in order to acquire a tight silhouette, not necessarily to buy expensive tools. The very nature gives us, women, the opportunity to correct cosmetic problems of the skin.

Many recipes for centuries passed from generation to generation, and women who use them, is not familiar with the term, as cellulite or problem skin. It is to such age-old recipes and treats coffee scrub for cellulite. The principle of operation of coffee scrub - When caffeine penetrates the skin, during an intense massage improves blood circulation and cell metabolism.

Due to the activation of these processes remove excess liquid and «Na» of cell membranes, but the "K" on the contrary, with a maximum speed begins to penetrate - and that leads to burning fat. Due to the high content of antioxidants, by the way, their coffee is much more than in fruits; coffee scrub not only fights fat deposits, but also to the aging of the skin.

Clenching and unclenching his vessels and this is one of the features of caffeine - you can easily, using a coffee body scrub to get rid of varicose veins. Aroma of coffee beans, has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves the overall mood appears fit and fresh.

Cellulite removal with bicycling in water

Cellulite removal with bicycling in water - this occupation on bicycles in the water which is usually held in the pool. These sessions are more effective than swimming, and allow you to burn fat. It is important to know that physical exercise should not allow high voltage and load, because they will not help in the elimination of cellulite, lifting weights in the gym will not reduce cellulite.

First of all, you need physical activity, which speeds up the purity of heart acceleration and increases the supply of oxygen to the cells. Cream - There is no magic cream from which cellulite disappears overnight. If you do not exercise and do not change your diet and lifestyle, any cream cannot remove cellulite. Cream will help us, but together with other methods, which were discussed above. They will help to tighten up the surface layer of the skin. Price cream does not play a role.

Choose a cream containing menthol, seaweed, caffeine. It is best to apply the cream after bathing and cleansing. When applying the cream gently massage the skin. It promotes blood circulation, and automatically increases the effect of the cream, as well as contributing to its rapid absorption. If you follow these instructions, and arm yourself with patience, perseverance and good will, the result will be obvious. Good luck!

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Physical exercises to get rid of cellulite

Physical exercise how to get rid of cellulite - Cellulite is like a body that does not move as well as the weakened muscles leave a lot of room for fat accumulation and disposal.

 Therefore, in the absence of physical activity, the desired result is not achieved, despite all other efforts to get rid of cellulite. Movement, exercise, sports or recreational pursuits and personal training strengthens muscles, take away the fat, and improve blood circulation, blood flow and oxygen to the cells. Any form of activity will have a positive effect on the skin tone and appearance of muscles.

When you're just starting to do, do it gradually, to 15 minutes a day going into shape, increase the duration to the first hour a day. The combination of different types of physical activity will achieve the best results. The best types of physical activities in the fight against cellulite:- Water aerobics - It increases the elasticity of the skin and helps in the fight against cellulite.

At the same time burn more calories because the resistance of the water is greater than the resistance of the air, and you do not sweat and less tired. Roller skates - Roller skating allows us to train those parts of the body that are most prone to cellulite - legs, thighs and buttocks. Swimming - It is also a good choice, swimming at least 45 minutes 5 times a week.

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For cellulite reduction what is required

For cellulite reduction you should drink 2-3 liters of water a day in small doses of strongly coffee and alcohol. Green tea useful in combating cellulite because it contains the theobromine and caffeine, which release the fat is in the cells affected by cellulite and promote its combustion.

In addition, green tea has a diuretic effect and allows us to get rid of excess fluid, which is in the cellulite cells. Drink three to five cups of tea a day. The diet should be reduced and carefully pick. Eat plenty of leafy greens and vegetables, fruit and fish, lean meat, cereals, honey, fresh cheeses and other dairy products, but the full-fat milk drink a little.

Try to eat a variety of exotic fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, and mango. Vitamin C and vitamin E are important to maintain and improve elasticity of the connective tissue. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and helps to regulate the permeability of the capillaries and veins. As a result, fluid is retained in the cells is less than less affected by cellulite and thus decreases the chances for progress cellulite.

Avoid fast foods and generally high-calorie, fatty and sugary foods, dried fruits. Monitor the use of salt, because salt retains fluid. Avoid alcohol and carbonated beverages. All these informative measures are taken by the suggested program of Joey Atlas which proves to be great for the concerns of cellulite issue.

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What is cellulite?

Cellulite - Why is that? Summer is the time of year when we look to the forefront. In the summer we wear light open dresses, short shorts that put on display the nightmare of most women - cellulite.

Cellulite generally occurs due to improper diet, lack of exercise weak connective tissue, skin-tight clothing that interferes with normal blood circulation, stress, smoking and genetics. Basically, cellulite affects the skin of the thighs, buttocks and stomach. What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a disease and not merely cosmetic problem. The disease is characterized by acute inflammation of the subcutaneous fat, which is caused by bacteria. In this case, the skin surface becomes uneven and rough, a so-called "orange peel".

How to Get Rid of Cellulite - You must make fundamental changes in lifestyle, which primarily relate to nutrition and exercise. When you have taken the first steps in this direction, and began to notice the positive results, then you can pay attention to the various creams that can help you in removing cellulite. Just keep in mind that some creams do not help in the elimination of cellulite, because there is no magic cream from which cellulite disappear overnight.

Food and fluid - Water is almost the most important ally in our struggle. It is not necessary for the hydration and strengthening cells and connective tissues in the body.

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Ozone is the salvation of excess weight

The effect of the Joey Atlas method is comparable only to that of liposuction, but the ozone is much less painful (pain injections do not cross the threshold of an absolute majority of patients), it is safe and virtually no contraindications.

Ozone therapy is used to treat cellulite as thighs and buttocks, abdomen and other parts of the body. Ozone - the salvation of excess weight – It is known to be very effective use of ozone therapy and for the treatment of obesity solved the problem of excess weight quickly and painlessly. If this is the essence of the method is not in the external impact, and domestic recovery.

 Ozone works in two ways: breaks down fats, taking them out of the body, and has on the tissues and organs of anti-aging effects, due to which fats are not returning to their seats at the end of the course of treatment. In addition, the body is purified as a whole, gets rid of toxins, toxins, and heals. Further to work properly prevents new fat deposits.

Ozone therapy promotes weight loss. In the treatment of obesity, we use ozone, as well as a special massage. This achieves a positive effect power mixture to all human body. How to Get Rid of Cellulite - The arrival of summer is a lot of joy to women, but for women it is 80% and tragedy.

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As ozone therapy cures cellulite

There serum chemically synthesized, each of which has its own side effects, and some are carcinogenic effect. Therefore, a very low confidence caused annotations, claiming that right remedy for cellulite that you need.

Fight cellulite is difficult, but the most important thing is that it's possible! Expert’s beauty salons "Through the Looking Glass" are ready to give you a nice smooth skin and self-confidence! As ozone therapy cures cellulite - Ozone therapy is able to overcome cellulite at any stage. This method of Russian doctors recognized as the most effective in the fight against this disease.

However, he is also the most secure. Ozone normalizes metabolism of fat cells. This is due to the improvement of blood circulation in the skin, and enriches them with oxygen. These chemical reactions occur naturally in contact with ozone in the body, so they are so friendly to us. What is cellulite? This accumulation of subcutaneous fat, the fat cells is disrupted metabolism.

Ozone injections made mesotherapeutic method (i.e. small doses, misleading subcutaneously at a shallow depth), literally burn the fat cells. When ozone is reacted with the fatty cells, they change their properties, resulting in the breakdown of fats. This cleavage occurs as cellulite nodules around the fat cells and the "orange" crust melting away as the course of ozone therapy.

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SPA bath is unique in its performance cosmetics

SPA bath is unique in its performance cosmetics “Aroma Derm” is made exclusively from natural ingredients: extracts, extracts of plants, essential oils, bio-active substances derived from seaweed, salmon roe. Different types of seaweed, sea salt, mud and selected range of essential oils contain wraps "Algotherm", which we use in our beauty salon.

The series includes a means for peeling, mask for face and body of algae, a special gel after wrapping. Algae treatment lasts up to 40 minutes, with a thermal blanket with the necessary temperature. This is a very pleasant procedure that will give you a slim body and a wonderful mood. Wraps "Algotherm" contain a maximum concentration of seafood. Series allows you to do as seaweed wraps common action and wraps for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.

A separate line of wraps "Algotherm" working to improve the tone of the skin and tissue repair. Anti-cellulite body wraps using the company's products. Unsurpassed effect associated with the contained series products phytoestrogens - substances that are very similar to the female hormone estrogen, but the plant. That estrogen in a woman’s body is responsible for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Other methods of dealing with cellulite - Ointments and gels as a means of cellulite is definitely more convenient, but the majority of them are made on the basis of conventional creams and are not able to get inside and get to the cellulite capsules.

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The technologies and the application of mesotherapy

Since then 20th century, both the technologies and the application of mesotherapy greatly enhanced. Today mesotherapy practice for more than 20 thousand doctors all over the world in the field of trauma, treatment of infectious diseases, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, and, of course, - aesthetic medicine.

Anti-cellulite massage - With the help of anti-cellulite massage can significantly improve the state of complex problem areas of the body. During the massage greatly improves blood circulation and stimulates the inflow and outflow of fluid (extracellular) and lymph.

Anti-cellulite massage is capable of with the regular conduct of an impact on the problem areas, thereby improving blood circulation and improves the process of working the entire body. Anti-cellulite massage is used in relation to the problem areas and, depending on the areas of exposure is divided into a general anti-cellulite massage the buttocks and stomach massage.

After the end of anti-cellulite massage treatments, you will notice significant changes. Your skin will be smooth and elastic and the bumps on the surface will disappear. It is very useful in the fight against cellulite massage in parallel with the use mini-sauna. The use of different algae, will help your body more quickly to cope with cellulite, the skin will acquire a healthy appearance and will shine with youth! SPA-program: wraps - In beauty salons "Through the Looking Glass" We offer many different types of body wraps firms.

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How to get rid of cellulite?

The final stage of cellulite: multiple nodes of different sizes, and hollow sections hardening, tissue edema, defined tenderness of the affected area, there is a local thermal changes, the development of elephantiasis, chancre, possible septic complications.

This is no joke, and it shows, no doubt, be treated but the main problem here - in the search method. If we know that the patient is to be removed appendicitis and pneumonia is treated with antibiotics, the treatment of cellulite is not confined to the conventional manner.

How to get rid of cellulite? Medicine now offers many different procedures and anti-cellulite, from cosmeceuticals (Cosmetics) and ending surgery.

But in this case, none of the means of cellulite is a radical. An effective way to combat cellulite is mesotherapy - is the introduction of combinations of drugs in small doses directly under the skin. Effect of mesotherapy is in itself therapeutic effects of drugs and biologically active in stimulating the points which are on our skin. And for them to promote a particular site does not necessarily work directly with him, possible and remote mesotherapy. In any case, this is a very useful curative, preventive and cosmetic procedure. It is hard to imagine modern medicine and cosmetology no such thing as mesotherapy.

 Meanwhile, a method which is the basis of this ingenious invention of mankind was not discovered until the mid-20th century.

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Scientists have calculated the method to heal cellulite

Scientists have calculated that a total of cellulite capsules may contain up to 25 kg. Toxic liquid mass, which poisons the woman's body from the inside, and a lot of woman, carries with him all the time!

When the capsule will increase significantly, they gradually begin to compress the blood vessels and nerves, blood flow is disturbed, and there is a bluish tinge to the skin, sagging and pain. In the future, possible complications such as hardening of the scaly, the so-called "Ball", suppurating abscesses requiring surgery, infection, muscle adjacent to the adipose tissue, ending with the development of lymph drainage lymphostasis (elephantiasis of the legs), or even death (necrosis).

By external characteristics distinguish several stages of cellulite: First step: a minor swelling of the tissues, jelly-like fat, the changes are visible only when you press on the skin or in the crease. There is a fluid retention, weight gain. Second stage: the palpable solitary, small nodules more pronounced swelling of the tissues; may be a violation of skin sensitivity.

Cellulite cells have penetrated into the connective tissue, there are signs of compression, and body weight increases progressively. Third stage: the visually defined more serious violations - many small and medium-sized nodules, tissue edema, impaired tactile and pain sensitivity of the skin in the affected area. At this stage, there is an active process of accumulation of toxic cells in cellulite deposits, expressed squeezing surrounding tissue, the development of lymphostasis.

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How to get rid of cellulite

So now you know how to get rid of cellulite. If you are concerned about sluggish or stretched skin - ACCENT XL device can successfully solve the problem.

Dangerous to health or just a cosmetic defect - First of all, it should be noted that cellulite - it's not just a cosmetic defect, as many people think. Experts in the field of medicine use the term gynoid lipodystrophy - a disease that alters the structure of subcutaneous fat.

That is the official name has cellulite. Cellulite treatment, just like any other disease, requires determine the reasons for its occurrence. Occurring in a woman's hormonal failure results in lipid metabolism, as well as balance of water and salts. The factors that cause hormonal failure are high psychological burden, unfavorable environmental conditions, of eating disorders, alcohol abuse and nicotine.

Violation of hormone secretion immediately affects the appearance of the female form, which lose their natural roundness. Under the influence of the uneven development of female hormones adipose tissue begins to mutate, forming dimples hated us and bumps. Outside it looks like an "orange peel", and from the inside, under the skin, as a mesh-netting, which resembles a honeycomb. This grid and quickly grows into the next - the connective tissue. Thus, the pathological process has begun! Gradually, the fragments of the grid - i.e. the capsule with the fat and liquid, where the body "pushes" all the toxins, increase in size.

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The main advantage of the device

At the heart of ACCENT XL device is a unique layering technology thermotherapy. By gradually warming the skin and subcutaneous tissue just a few lessons on this unit allow without diets, grueling exercise, and without surgery significantly improve the appearance of the skin and contours of the body, pull up the silhouette and give confidence.

The main advantage of the device ACCENT XL is a complete pain-free treatments provided by a special technology IN-Motion. The heating of the skin occurs slowly and consistently, allowing you not only to protect patients from developing a painful, but also to achieve the most effective results. The principle of operation of the apparatus ACCENT XL is in alignment and building collagen fibers that affect the increase in the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Very effectively passes on the machine cellulite treatment. As the heating of the skin occurs enhancement of blood circulation, with whom he is improving outflow of fluid from the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This reduces swelling and the total volume of the tissue, and as a consequence, a more attractive silhouette. Furthermore, during the correction procedures on the machine ACCENT XL is compressed and strengthens connective tissue, causing the structure and improves skin texture. An additional advantage of the use of thermotherapy technology is that it can use anywhere on the body.

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Body Shaping and the cellulite

Watch out for sodium-potassium balance, because the body often suffers from a lack of potassium in excess of sodium and what about the doctors? From the point of view of conventional medicine for women this phenomenon is a boon!

The representatives of the stronger sex unwanted substances accumulate in the form of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels of the heart, while the ladies - formed only bumps and bumps on the skin. But here's the progression of cellulite - it is one of the signs of metabolic disorders, i.e. clear signal distress, prompting a series of measures to maintain and restore health. Body shaping, cellulite elimination - Every girl or woman wants to have a slim and toned body.

However, due to age-related changes, our skin loses its elasticity and flexibility; problem areas become more visible, there is some cellulite ... How to get rid of cellulite? We know the answer to this question! Help women regain or retain tries to escape youth and beauty helps the body shaping.

There is already today a variety of ways to fight against aging skin and figures sometimes confuses even the most experienced in matters of beauty and grooming the fair half of mankind. Every year there are new techniques and innovative technologies that without extra exercise and in the shortest possible time promise to return the body to excellent condition. And Apparatus ACCENT XL is one of the most popular and effective among them.

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Some of the listed ingredients to cure cellulite

Some of the listed ingredients: seaweed (salt) from the Dead Sea, butcher, sea buckthorn extract, horse chestnut, caffeine, ivy extract, Ginkgo biloba, vitamins A and E, amino acids, fat splitting enzymes.

Specialists say that the presence of these components can provide directional anti-cellulite effect. For external use only effective creams containing forskolin and aminophylline, which is a consequence of their thermogenic effect. Large-scale studies conducted by the American doctors have confirmed the effectiveness of aminophylline as fat burners and forskolin.

Their presence in the anti-cellulite greatly reduced body fat on the buttocks and thighs the ladies involved in the experiment. Miracle creams force in their thermogenic effect, and as a consequence, reduction of skin roughness, including stretch marks. Salon treatment - Known salon treatment thalassotherapy (sea mud treatments and seaweed), hot mud wraps, cellulite massage produce a significant effect if combined with mesotherapy - injections active "cocktail" of vitamins and nutrients.

 Prophylaxis - Cellulite can be prevented by giving up fatty foods, dairy products, as reduces the total amount of fat in the body and preventing the penetration of fat cells through connective tissue. Give preference to marine fish, porridge, salads, and greens! Increase the proportion of fat in the diet, legumes and grains. And, most importantly, do not overeat! No need to drink at least 2 liters per day of filtered (artesian) water.

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-"The Sub" anti skin roughness

"The Sub" anti skin roughness - If we talk about the treatment of cellulite at home, first of all, is to stimulate the blood circulation in problem areas using a brush with natural bristles rough. Rub the skin is desirable to redness, and then apply honey and food wrap film for a couple of hours. If you use this tool on a regular basis, it is able to reduce and even beat cellulite.

Cup massage is sure to have an effective smoothing effect on uneven bumpy skin. Need only some skill! To perform this massage on the skin, apply any massage oil and massage the slow flowing movements, "warm up" the problem areas. After 10-15 min. go directly to the Cup massage. Approach not only medical, but also regular mayonnaise or baby food jar out.

Preheated jar push to the surface of the skin, and before the skin will retract into the jar, start slowly, and staggered around, move it along the problematic section. On the motion of the hips should be from the knees upwards, on the buttocks - spiral, from the center to the sides. The composition of the right anti-cellulite agents - Before you decide to buy another "magic" means conquering cellulite, make sure that it includes at least healing properties, so if you are affected with this problem then Joey Atlas Program is the most suitable method for you.

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For cellulite do not feel panic, there is a solution

CDo not panic, there is a solution! Bumpy loose skin in the inner side of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, is a result of irregularities in the subcutaneous fat. It accumulates fluid required for the formation of connective tissue, which resembles a cell in which the fat is then formed, having the form of bumps and ridges.

 Noticing such changes, modern women are beginning to look for all possible ways to get rid of cellulite, although more recently this feature of the female body was seen as a sign of femininity and seductive forms. At risk even lean and athletic lady, as the main cause of cellulite - stagnant processes of blood and lymph, which are possible as obese, and in women of normal weight. The causes of cellulite - Among the main reasons leading to the formation of cellulite, experts call:

- A family history;

- Hormonal disruptions when disturbed thyroid function;

- Physical inactivity;

- Long-term effects of stress factors;

 - Those extra pounds;

- Varicose disease;

- Unbalanced depleted vitamins, micro-and macro diet.

Few people know how to get rid of cellulite once and for all, but if you wish, you can make the skin smoother, giving the surfaces of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen smooth and aesthetic relief. All these symptoms of cellulite can be cured with the help of Joey Atlas Program.

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Hoop exercise is recommended

Hoop exercise is recommended to perform daily in the morning or in the morning as in the evening rush of blood to the organs of the digestive system is undesirable by joey atlas reviews. Spin the hula-hoop to exactly 15 minutes, no more, no less.

The first visible results - in a couple of weeks. Bicycle against cellulite - If you like to ride a bike, and you have the time for this opportunity and - your cellulite can sympathize.

Bike - the perfect exercise for cellulite. He did not just strengthens the leg muscles, thighs and buttocks, and burns extra calories. Biking improves heart and blood vessels, and in fact a violation of the venous circulation is one of the main causes of fluid retention in the tissues, especially in people 'solid' age. Start the bike ride with a slow tempo, then.

When the muscles warm up, increase the pace to your whole body was tense. After walking speed must be reduced again to the muscles relaxed. Running against cellulite - Running is one of the best ways to treat cellulite with a nice jog in the morning, you will be able to lose weight, improve blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and cellulite bumps, and improve their health in general. Well, of course, improve your mood, as a result of development of "happiness hormones".

Exercises for cellulite

Exercises for cellulite - Exercise are a great addition to a comprehensive fight against cellulite. After all, with the help of fitness of cellulite we burn those extra calories, which could turn into fat and deposited in our problem areas.

Exercises for cellulite strengthens our muscles, improve blood circulation in the tissues, causing fat is broken down quickly cleans the body by joey atlas reviews. With regular exercises to strengthen the muscles of cellulite gradually disappearing, its development is suspended. Rope against cellulite - It's simple at first glance can exercise your body to create a miracle.

Cellulite is very afraid of jumping! Rope will "shake" cellulite in the thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen. Find a suitable place to exercise, pick up the rope on the rise. At first, the duration of exercise should be 15 minutes. Gradually you can increase the time. The results will be noticeable after a month of regular classes - will be slimmer thighs, cellulite bumps smoothed.

Tip: do not throw the rope into the far corner, once achieved the desired result. Cellulite can quickly reappear. Reduce physical activity should be gradual. Hula-hoop of cellulite - The usual sports hoop you can become a reliable assistant in the fight against cellulite. When doing a hoop we "overclock" the blood in the waist and hips, which not only helps to lose weight quickly and dissolve cellulite, but also improve the function of internal organs, strengthen the spine.

Therapeutic muds for cellulite removal

Therapeutic muds contain a large amount of salts and minerals, which make it possible not only to fight cellulite, but also a beneficial effect on blood circulation, nervous system, and metabolism, strengthen and make the elastic connective tissue, smooth out the skin.

Dirt can be mixed with algae, kaolin clay, natural essential oils of lemon and oregano extract of horse chestnut and horsetail. Oil wraps as a base use olive or almond oil, wheat germ oil by joey atlas reviews. The basis of the added essential oil or a blend of essential oils, such as lemon, juniper and lavender then place that put the mixture turns into a special film, and about half an hour covered with thermal blanket, which creates a sauna effect, increasing metabolism and penetration of active ingredients inside.

The wrapping material is a thin film designed specifically for application to the skin. It has a sufficient elasticity and permeability. Wrapping finishes rinsing in the shower, and you can even take a bath with sea salt. The number of wraps and their outcome depends on the degree of cellulite, age and source of tissue. After a course of 6-15 treatments wraps for 3-6 weeks, there is a steady decrease in the volume, improve microcirculation, increase skin elasticity and smoothing skin relief. Effect of wrapping can be felt and seen immediately: the skin becomes smooth and elastic, ugly terrain of "orange peel" smoothed.

Strengthen the walls of capillaries

With an extract of horse chestnut and menthol strengthen the walls of capillaries, and promote lymphatic drainage by joey atlas reviews. You can combine a warm wrap on cellulite areas with a dense layer of fat and cold - on the part of the body with loose skin to improve its tone.

Unfortunately, there is a condition in which any wrapping is not recommended - gynecological diseases, cardio-vascular and skin diseases, hypertension. Before the procedure, wrapping the body scrub is cleared on the basis of sea salt - with a dense, severe cellulite increases the blood circulation in the tissues, stimulates the removal of water and fat. The skin thus deeply cleared to active substances acting as quickly and deeply. Also wrapping may precede warming massage.

 Formulations which are used for wrapping procedures typically formulated based on herbs and seafood. Most often it is the algae and dirt. Wraps with micronized algae (thalassotherapy) significantly reduces cellulite bumps, make the skin supple and elastic, and saturate the body with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Seafood in general has on the body tonic that enhances immunity effect, gives a burst of energy and improved mood. Algae combined with plant extracts, of which the best known are ivy, caffeine, musk, and silicon. Therefore, seaweed wraps are one of the best. Therapeutic muds also have healing properties.

Most famous and beloved women of procedures

Wrap - one of the most famous and beloved women of procedures in the treatment of cellulite. Distinguish seaweed wraps, mud wraps, clay by joey atlas reviews. Attractive wrap, first of all, that almost immediately, within the first three days, leading to a decrease in the volume of the waist and hips, sometimes up to 2.5 cm per day.

But you should know that such a wrapping effect is not observed due to the destruction of fat, and due to the outflow of excess water from the tissues, which also can add centimeters. Unfortunately, lost as easily as water easily and be reimbursed.

So wrap combined with other anti-cellulite treatments - myostimulation, massage, exercise and proper nutrition. As the operation wraps are divided into hot and cold. Hot wraps dilates blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation. During the wrapping procedure via open pores on the surface allocated toxins. The effect of the heat generated due to increased blood flow. Hot wrap very physiologically, it is contraindicated only for varicose veins.

But in this case just fits cold wrap. When cold wrap capillaries and blood vessels to constrict, and blood and lymph carry toxins and waste in the internal cleansing organs. Especially cold wrap is recommended for edema, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, and as rehabilitation after sclerotherapy of veins. Cooling gel for body wraps with lemon extract improves skin tone and promotes weight loss.

Masks and scrubs against cellulite

Masks and scrubs against cellulite - Masks and scrubs are also used in ancient times by joey atlas reviews. The basic material used white clay, blue clay, seaweed, parsley extract, oat flakes mixed with vegetable oil.

And about the effectiveness of the use of honey massage and cannot speak. It's also a way for us to come down "from the old times." Sea salt against cellulite - Sea salt is traditionally used in ancient times to treat and prevent cellulite. Modern realities brought its bit.

The fact is that our ancestors used bath sea salt, which was nearby, while we have the opportunity to use the gifts of the Dead Sea. Why him? Because of its low water contains sodium chloride, which dries the skin. You can buy in any specialized shop. In addition to the baths, and honey, and salt are suitable for indoor use. Sea salt to be diluted at the rate of 1ch.l - a glass of water but this method is not suitable for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Also in the bath to prevent cellulite can enhance essential oils which include horsetail, marjoram, ivy, oregano, sage, lavender and rosemary. However, you should always remember to beat cellulite and achieve the ideal smoothness and elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to adopt an integrated approach, rather than choose just one. Our grandmothers knew this principle is effectively applied it in practice.

Biochemical metabolic processes for cellulite removal

All biochemical metabolic processes are more active particularly well established in the fight against cellulite exercise, the effect of which is designed to strengthen the muscles of women's problem areas - buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, etc.

The best effect in the fight against cellulite can be achieved by doing:

• At a run

• Jumps in length and height

• Jumping rope

• Cycling

• Exercise on treadmills

• Exercises at the gym for training the legs and thighs.

 Anti-cellulite body wrap - All sorts of anti-cellulite body wraps offered in SPA-salons, really - do not know how the national or Western market services, and legacy of the past by joey atlas reviews. Our grandmothers used successfully in the fight against cellulite body wraps made from egg yolks, honey, clay, algae. The mixture is applied to the problem of the body, wrapped with film and takes refuge on top of warm clothing. After 12-15 sessions wrap with clay you can get rid of cellulite and post-natal effects on the skin rather than as a result of laser liposuction. During the clay wraps are recommended to drink hot tea, promotes perspiration and excretion of toxins. Decent facilities for getting rid of cellulite at home are other recipes wraps, which have come down to us from the Middle Ages. The materials used to wrap raw potatoes, which was applied to the skin.

Folk remedies of cellulite

Just a pity these men, ladies, because it is their husbands have to do cupping massage his favorite wives. And they refuse they cannot, because they know that women tend not only for themselves but also for the sake of themselves, their time, "massage therapists." Some jars you get off? Of course not! Need gymnastics by joey atlas reviews. Otherwise, your jars, simply "shatter" the disappointment in you.

That is, not within you, and your laziness that has long promised to change their place of residence and move into someone else. As the saying goes: the promised three-year wait have you any idea what will happen with cellulite, for three years, if you give him a free hand? This is to introduce scary, is not what to say.

 Folk remedies of cellulite - To the folk remedies for cellulite are traditionally regarded the methods and recipes of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-grandmothers, have survived to the present day. Yes, yes, do not be surprised by our grandmothers; too, have struggled with this ugly manifestation of the skin, outset that in talking about folk remedies for cellulite we mean not only the money, but all effective methods that are used to combat cellulite at home.

 Exercise for cellulite - How would not sound trite, but in the fight against cellulite exercise one of the most effective actions. The body is in good shape, the muscles are strengthened, and the skin is smoothed.

To remove cellulite

To remove cellulite, banks need to use this: they need to straight and circular movements. Fat cells, thus completely destroyed.

• Skin diseases.

• Benign tumors.

• Malignant tumors.

• Tuberculosis of the lungs. In tins no expiration date - They cannot be put on the heart, on the breast and on the spine. Silicone banks of cellulite. It is equally effective by joey atlas reviews. They can be used every day, but, as often is not used, because the procedure is - painful. Therefore, it is best to use them at least every other day. Jars are sold over the counter (in one box - six or eight pieces). They are used in the same way as the vacuum. However, contra a little different:

• The inflammatory process of the bone (chronic osteomyelitis).

• Diseases of the blood.

• Suppurative processes.

• Fevers.

• Malignant tumors.

• Benign tumors. Very useful after the application of cans and can massage treatments, make coffee scrub. All gently its preparation is coffee grounds, a few drops of an essential oil (grapefruit, orange, almond and so forth) and cinnamon (cinnamon, pepper can be replaced).

Not prevent the use of anti-cellulite cream that contains vitamin E. You can add this cream tangerine oil. The pharmacy buys it. It is - an inexpensive, so probably, and bought up. Massage jars - do wonders - Reviews. Many women are happy that there are those jars.

The unexpected experience of cellulite

A cellulite - The unexpected, unplanned, and in general.... How does he explain that without it - life is beautiful? Russian language he does not understand by joey atlas reviews. He understands only action. You, for the sake of "celebration of the body," even made it to the shower.

Because it's your diary, on the description page of sensations, from the soul, "turned" in the naval battle of sad "emoticons". Painful, unpleasant, unusual, uncomfortable - You cried even though patient. The line from the diary: "cry once, in itself - our own." This happens, for example, allergy.

Do you - are allergic to cottonwood fluff. When it's July and all around the "pure white" from him, you start not on order, sneezing itchy nose - Tears rolling down. Miracle banks against cellulite - Vacuum, massage, silicone banks of cellulite. How to put the banks? Let's try to use the jar.

Organize a "cellulite seaming." About them in your diary, nothing has yet been written. Fix it! Let's write. And, for a start, read what jars I mean: Vacuum banks of cellulite – It is very similar to rubber. They just put on the site of the lesion cellulite and lead them on the skin. If the procedure you will feel the warmth and relaxation of any pain. During the session, and after him, very sleepy - Vacuum bank "Miracle - Bank" - an incredibly effective - to be most effective, skin, before it is used, it is best oil cream or essential oil.

Development of collagen

Vichy (Liposyn Correction) participates in the development of collagen, and restores skin elasticity. Ozone correcting serum can be used at home wrapping.

Do you want to get rid of cellulite rather, remember these things:

• Take a contrast shower. It improves blood circulation.

• Move more: muscles do not have to "stagnate".

• No need to wear clothes that are too tight and you shoes on very high heels. These things disrupt blood flow. • Do not stand still for long.

• Frequently change the position of the body.

• Do yoga. • Relaxing. • Overcome stress. • Throw smoking. It affects the skin and poisons the very human organism. • You need a lot of water (eight glasses a day). • Go to the swimming pool: swimming - the enemy of cellulite. • Do any of the clay mask (black, blue, green, red, yellow). • Do not disdain compresses. • Very good assistants - oil (aromatic). The main rule is: do not "force" yourself physically demanding! Otherwise, get a "ticket" to the clinic and the way you will be open to all not perfect, but to all doctors' offices. Take care of health: it is - one. Beat cellulite is not that difficult. The most difficult to start a fight with him -Do what you can, in time to start the fight by joey atlas reviews. And even better - do not bring up the body of cellulite condition.