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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Plantar flexion

Plantar flexion (plaint flexes)
Foot movement downwards (at peak) aversion of the foot (phonation)     dial feet for little finger upward inversion of the foot (suspiration)
Dial feet for thumbs-up
Lateral     outside (side), otherwise the media – internal Media     inside (closer to the center of the body), the opposite lateral - outside
Muscles, muscle postural related to muscle tension-maintaining an upright posture - walking, standing, sitting
Pro preconception sense perception of muscle tension, posture and limb movement through receptors within muscles, tendons and joints
Maybe you ever happen to you during the drive lights up on the dashboard warning light indicating that something is wrong.
n this case, offers probably the most common solutions and to seek the necessary assistance in the garage, where the damaged parts, replacement or repair and you can once again get behind the wheel ...
I we have in our body a "warning light" that can occasionally light up.
It often happens, however, that they do not pay so much attention and care as an example to our car.
Do you get the feeling of tired and heavy legs when walking, standing or moderate athletic performance?
Do you suffer from swelling, pain in the inner side of the foot or under the pads of your fingers? Bothered by headaches, back pain, knee joints?
 All this is only part of our own warning signals that something in our body "does not work" as is, and that would be needed "correction".

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Causes of Cellulite

Causes of Cellulite of Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas There are many claims about the causes of cellulite. The net is full of rumors and stories of women reporting the issue. Some of the most common causes of cellulite are called, poor circulation, fluid retention, a special type of fat, etc

There are a number of markets of products for the treatment of cellulite, but are generally ineffective. In fact, cellulites can be caused by several factors Most anti-cellulite products out there do nothing to reduce and are intended to cover only the symptoms. In order to eliminate cellulite, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem. The causes, however, are not what most people think.

The truth is that cellulite is like any other fat. There is a special type of fat storage, retention of excess water, poor circulation, or anything else. It has been proved by doctors that cellulite is exactly the same as normal body fat. The appearance of holes due to curd is projecting from fat tissue under the skin, causing accumulation lumps and openings, such as a mattress filling which gives an appearance of orange peel skin in general. It is more common in seats, hips and buttocks of women. 

The older, more likely to have cellulite Cellulite is commonly found in men because they have a thicker skin and tend to store fat in the stomach, instead of storing the lower part of the body. The skin of buttocks and hips is thinner than most other places in the body so that more visible cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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Genetics and Cellulite

Genetics and Cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas It is true that genetics influences the firmness and shape of the buttocks, but do not have this type of inheritance has a great ally in the exercise. 

The scientific research showed that the best exercises to strengthen the buttocks are the classic up and down stairs, extension and flexion of the legs in position four and squat, which mimics the act of sitting and rising from a chair. 

Who is beginner should start without much load to avoid injury and not let the aching body. After the adjustment period, which lasts about a month, you can add weight gradually. An easy way to find the correct weight is to test with eight replications. You have to feel that you are making an effort, especially in the last two times, and could not repeat again.

 Professionals commented that for best results, the movements are indicated race, giving attention to posture, not to hurt your knees, hips and spine, and not working your ass every day. " So he encourages exercise, your muscles need about 48 hours, or 72 if the training is very difficult to be able to recover and grow," they explain. Muscle appears to work, it is necessary to reduce the layer of fat covering.

 This is the fact that gives the rounding up, but if too much, leaving it full of cellulite Hence the recommendation of a balanced diet, low in fat and sugar and an aerobic activity at least half an hour a day, three times a week with Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas

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Formation of Cellulite

The Formation Process of Cellulite with Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas Initially, the process of cellulite formation lipoid should be understood is that the fat cell which has small vacuoles in the cells to lubricate.

 These vacuoles are responsible for receiving excess dietary fat. With the progressive increase in the deposition of fat vacuoles is close together and subsequently adding then to generate a large vacuole occupying almost the entire cell. With the deposition of fat, an increase in size of the entire cell the fat under the skin is formed by a large number of lymphocytes.

 Vessels pass between lymphocytes and arteries that carry blood, oxygen and nutrients, and the veins and lymphatic vessels that carry blood and metabolism products back into circulation in a continuous process. The amount of fat cells is different in persons with tendency to be overweight, that neon’s and less prone to obesity. The fat in the muscle fibers are also separated groups of lymphocytes. It is due to fiber characteristics that men and women develop very little cellulite. In women, the fibers are thin and perpendicular to the skin, which connects the deep muscle tissue. In humans, thicker fibers are connected to muscles and obliquely.

 When the size of fat tissue in the woman is increased due to the accumulation of fat, skin tissue expands, and when the same is true in humans, the fibers resist expansion in the same direction, causing the fat tissue in the direction but deep not shown, so that irregularities appear cellulite. Increased adipose tissue compresses the veins and lymphatic’s forming edema (swelling), which increases the volume of tissue and accelerates the process of cellulite of Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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Cellulite and the Swelling

The disordered swelling of fat cells is emphasized. The hardening of the supporting tissue (fibrosis) and venous circulation is very committed with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas At this stage, cellulite is hard and the skin is "brilliant", full of depressions and padded aspect.

 The legs are heavy, swollen, sore and tired feeling is often present, even effortlessly. In a thermographs has been described above, however, are not "black" or "black holes" which are regions of reduced circulation, representing a coalition of several micro and macro in the presence of significant fibrosis.

 At this stage, ultrasound therapy and lymphatic drainage electro biolysis is slow, even so, you can expect a partial improvement. Over time, it may be necessary to combine surgery with Submission and lip sculpture, especially if the fat is well established and depressions located in adipose tissue.

 With this information it is clear that the sooner started the better the outcome of treatment of cellulite Thermograph is important in determining the degree of cellulite and treatment plan, and provides a prediction of the outcome. In all cases, treatments, but softer than the recovery is complete, whereas at higher levels, the result is biased But even in these cases of advanced degrees, it is important to treat, because they may still occur without attention to deteriorate further. But it is important to know in advance, to avoid future frustrations, which, in severe cases, the result is efficient, but not total.

 Remember that each person is different, with different presentations of cellulite, for a proper evaluation should be the beginning of any good treatment with Truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas

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Exercise and eating habits

In the skin, it is possible to observe irregularities and pain on palpation says Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas Thermo graph, the aspect "machete" is the most characteristic showing edema and blood stasis, as evidenced by areas of increased temperature.

In this treatment stage is now necessary to use, ultrasound electro biolysis and lymphatic drainage, as well as exercise and eating habits. The results are very good that you know, you can expect recovery.

CELLULITE III: The cells continue to increase in volume due to the continuous acquisition of fat. There is an interruption of the fabric and the occurrence of nodules, although deeper is seen as irregularities in the skin surface, with or without palpation.

 Fibrosis is started, which means that the hardening of the tissue (where the fibers) and circulation is most affected vessels and may occur and spider veins. At this stage, the skin has the appearance of "orange peel" creates a feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue. Remember that cellulite is basically a circulatory problem, and at this stage, the circulation in adipose tissue is already compromised.

 In thermographs is the aspect of "Pele dig Leopard" is the presence of numerous points of thermograph, showing the tissue disorganization, with temperatures in the presence of edema and venous stasis. The treatment is performed in the same way as stage II, but needs more sessions, and good recovery, but not total. There is a significant improvement, but you cannot expect complete elimination of the problem with the help of Truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas

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Steps of Cellulite

The Process Steps of Cellulite with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas Typically, the adipose tissue is richly irrigated fat cells are normal size and shape. The vessels are efficient and have a normal manner. There is edema and thermography is normal.

 CELLULITE I: There is an increased volume of adipose tissue cells in the affected area, caused by accumulation of fat within the cell. No change or circulatory tissue, only a slight dilatation of small veins of fat tissue. There are no visible signs on the skin and painless. Thermal imaging may appear in the editing called "machete", which represents a temperature increase caused by swelling and hyper permeability of the blood capillaries. At this stage, the main process is to deal with exercise and eating habits. There is no need for medical treatment, although the clinical evaluation and guidance on the relevant necessary to diagnose the exact degree of cellulite. Recovery in this case is full.

 CELLULITE II: The fat cells are filled with a little fat, while remaining in the deepest part begins to undergo the same process. There is already some degree of fibrosis that micro nodules worst starts to form in the next step. The increase in the cell volume causes changes lead to compression of the circulatory and lymphatic system. The blood and lymph (aqueous fluid that bathes the cells) are contained. Occurs, then an increased swelling of fat cells and toxic waste, rather than being eliminated begins to accumulate with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas

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