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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Exercise and eating habits

In the skin, it is possible to observe irregularities and pain on palpation says Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas Thermo graph, the aspect "machete" is the most characteristic showing edema and blood stasis, as evidenced by areas of increased temperature.

In this treatment stage is now necessary to use, ultrasound electro biolysis and lymphatic drainage, as well as exercise and eating habits. The results are very good that you know, you can expect recovery.

CELLULITE III: The cells continue to increase in volume due to the continuous acquisition of fat. There is an interruption of the fabric and the occurrence of nodules, although deeper is seen as irregularities in the skin surface, with or without palpation.

 Fibrosis is started, which means that the hardening of the tissue (where the fibers) and circulation is most affected vessels and may occur and spider veins. At this stage, the skin has the appearance of "orange peel" creates a feeling of heaviness in the legs and fatigue. Remember that cellulite is basically a circulatory problem, and at this stage, the circulation in adipose tissue is already compromised.

 In thermographs is the aspect of "Pele dig Leopard" is the presence of numerous points of thermograph, showing the tissue disorganization, with temperatures in the presence of edema and venous stasis. The treatment is performed in the same way as stage II, but needs more sessions, and good recovery, but not total. There is a significant improvement, but you cannot expect complete elimination of the problem with the help of Truth about cellulite reviews by Joey Atlas

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