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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Plantar flexion

Plantar flexion (plaint flexes)
Foot movement downwards (at peak) aversion of the foot (phonation)     dial feet for little finger upward inversion of the foot (suspiration)
Dial feet for thumbs-up
Lateral     outside (side), otherwise the media – internal Media     inside (closer to the center of the body), the opposite lateral - outside
Muscles, muscle postural related to muscle tension-maintaining an upright posture - walking, standing, sitting
Pro preconception sense perception of muscle tension, posture and limb movement through receptors within muscles, tendons and joints
Maybe you ever happen to you during the drive lights up on the dashboard warning light indicating that something is wrong.
n this case, offers probably the most common solutions and to seek the necessary assistance in the garage, where the damaged parts, replacement or repair and you can once again get behind the wheel ...
I we have in our body a "warning light" that can occasionally light up.
It often happens, however, that they do not pay so much attention and care as an example to our car.
Do you get the feeling of tired and heavy legs when walking, standing or moderate athletic performance?
Do you suffer from swelling, pain in the inner side of the foot or under the pads of your fingers? Bothered by headaches, back pain, knee joints?
 All this is only part of our own warning signals that something in our body "does not work" as is, and that would be needed "correction".