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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Eliminate Cellulite

The next exercise is no competition; is the simplest, but also the best technique to eliminate cellulite by joey atlas scam, lymphatic congestion, and sagging skin and strengthen blood vessels. The effect will be even better if you greased the implementation of high-quality oil firming, stir it MSM, a natural sulfur or mineral beauty and youthful skin, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Sam I prepare a mixture of coconut, almond oil and MSM. Once a fortnight before rubbing on the thighs needle roller, which promotes skin regeneration. And yet extremely valuable tip for a good hand below the knee on the outside of the leg, the specific acupuncture point - S36, which the great Taoist masters call "nugget" or "field of immortality." It is important to switch to the promotes longevity, vibrant stillness and calm wit. During tapping therefore always pay special attention to the work. 

How to perform this exercise? Place your feet hip-width, make fists and start hitting them from the top  of the outside of the thigh down to the ankle. On the inside of the legs back up. (This is the way kidney  meridian.) Be strong and repeat the cycle from three to six times. 

If the tissue in this part of the very poor, it can happen that you will be there any bruising, do not worry, it will be passed, the firms the skin.
At rehearsals enjoy every day with a smile and see how cellulite is disappearing.

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